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Family-friendly Hotel in Alba Adriatica

Everything for your holidays in Family

Ours is a family-friendly hotel in Alba Adriatic, where your children can find so many dedicated facilities for a comfortable stay. From the amenities in the room, so much practicality to the restaurant, to fun at the beach and in the pool, our children's services are designed for every moment of their day.

Comfort in the room and the restaurant

In the room, we provide cots for the youngest children, and sun beds with side rails for older children, so that their sleep may be quiet.
In the restaurant are available high chairs and we offer the possibility (on request) to use them, so your children can eat in peace.

Animation on the beach or in the pool

For your moments of leisure in the pool or on the beach there is a service of animation that will feature many fun activities including muscular reawakening and a lot of games. In addition there are some games for children.
Also the swimming pool is childproof: the point with minimum height is, in fact, 1.30 meters and is equipped with a slide for an hour chatting to the splashes and laughter.

Bicycles and bottles

For beautiful walks on the Promenade of Alba Adriatica, please do not hesitate to ask for our bikes: some are equipped with baby seats for family outings.
Would you like a cuddle before going to sleep? At our bar you can enjoy freely the service preparation of the bottle.

Courtesy and professionalism

At the hotel Boston, you can find the ideal solution for your family holidays in Alba Adriatica: our services for children, combines a professional and friendly staff, ready to dispense smiles and lots of cuddles for the little ones!

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