All together on holiday!

Tailor-made comfort

Le family holidays have never been so free and comfortable. The Hotel Boston is perfect for those who travel with children and don't want to give up comfort: from the rooms to the fun on the beach and in the swimming pool, all the facilities are available. services are designed for every moment of the dayeven the youngest guests. All this is combined with a courteous and professional staff, ready to dispense smiles and lots of pampering!

Sleep tight! Comfort and safety in your room

In all rooms we provide cots for the little ones and cots with side rails for older children. In this way, we guarantee safe sleep for children and greater peace of mind for parents.

Lots of fun for everyone

Our swimming pool is child-friendly: the minimum height of the point is 1.30 m and it is equipped with a slide for diving, splashing and laughing.

Real holidays are those you take without a car! Discover Alba Adriatica's seafront by riding our bicyclessome are equipped with comfortable seats for pleasant family walks.


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